Eyeshadow Foundation Base Singles

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A luxury, whipped, rich, buttery eyeshadow base that generates the perfect canvas to create an amazing color payoff & vibrancy to your eyeshadows.
Our thick consistency provides full coverage to eliminate discoloration. A little goes a long way.

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Eyeshadow Foundation Base 0A, Eyeshadow Foundation Base B, Eyeshadow Foundation Base BUNDLE, Eyeshadow Foundation Base E, Eyeshadow Foundation Base H, Eyeshadow Foundation Base SURFACE

13 reviews for Eyeshadow Foundation Base Singles

  1. Felicia Hoskins

    I know that I love your pallette and would love to buy one of these but I don’t see a way to add it to my cart

    • Susan Teichroeb

      There is one palette that is sold out, The Church Girl. You should be able to see the Add To Cart on all other palettes.

  2. Klovereese mua

    I love all of your products….they have excellent pigmentation and vibrant colors…im positively sure the eye shadow base is going to be a hit too…wish I could be the first to try lol

  3. Ashley

    I cannot wait to try this out!!

  4. Kekey_glamdollz (Keisha Clarke)

    I love all her products!’!!

  5. Peggy

    When is this product coming 😩

    • Susan Teichroeb

      It will be released as soon as the product is shipped and brought into inventory. It is shipping from the vendor now.

  6. Milli chan

    I cant wait to get ur bases I want all colors when they drop!!!
    #TeamBigSupporter!! Love you yolondo Salmon-Thomas!!

  7. Latoya johnson

    I cant wsit to get my hands on this base. All of these products are amazing. I love everything about her products.

  8. Yulanda Roach

    Can’t wait till it comes out!!!

  9. Latasha Brooks

    Hands down I love her eyeshadows, they are bomb.com, she did that❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖 , Continue to let God bless your hands in creating to beauty products cause I am going get them. God bless you always gonna woman of God.
    Latasha brooks

  10. Crystal Wyatt

    Everything I have bought definitely haven’t let me down. I have all your pallets, a translucent loose setting powder, the contour pallet, and more. I love everything I have bought and I am looking forward to purchase the knew pallet and base when released. Yolondo you have done such a amazing job putting all your merchandise together, everything looks amazing from the covers of each pallets, to the colors you choose for them, all the other merchandise you have as well, looks well put together and very well thought of, and hard work pays off!! You definitely will get everything God have for you, and extra!! You been doing such a amazing job in your business promoting promoting and well at it yet funny a lot of times. You always, I mean always, give our God praise and speak highly of him through it all, and knowing all our help and praises go to him. It wouldn’t be possible without him. I have seen just how amazing God have taken you to higher places/levels!! I wish you the best in all your endeavors. Stay safe, stay blessed and God isn’t through with you yet, the best is yet to come. May God Continue To Bless you, and your family to the fullest. 🙌🏾👏🏾🥰😍

  11. Precious Dixon (verified owner)

    These bases surpassed my expectations! I have hooded lids so bases tend to crack a lot. I’m coming from P Louise and I am never turning back! Second to none

  12. Beatz by Juicy (verified owner)

    Welp… P. Louise is out the window for me. You nailed it with this one. I had to purchase the bundle. It was definitely worth it. Now if you get these in colors there will be no more UK purchasing for me. LOL


  13. Aliesa Daniel

    I have the jam rock pallet and mix race contour.These products are amazing,very pigmented too. I don’t regret buying from her website.

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