Ace The Office Makeup Look With This Step-By-Step Guide

Ace The Office Makeup Look With This Step-By-Step Guide

Yet another day of hectic 9-5, endless meetings, strict deadlines, and the stress of looking your best all day. As a working woman, you must be struggling with the dilemma of whether or not you should wear makeup to the office. While it's true that makeup helps enhance your look and boosts your confidence, but then, how much makeup is too much makeup for the office? Is wearing fake eyelashes and highlighter considered extra for the office meetings? The dilemma is endless. 

It's important to note that office makeup must be long-lasting, subtle, and impressive.

The key to achieving the perfect office makeup look is not wearing it too much or too little. To help you out, we’ve curated this article to help you learn how to do your simple office makeup just right! 

 Step 1: Skincare first! 

 Daily skincare is the key to healthy skin! 

  • Facewash: Your skincare starts with cleansing. Use an appropriate face wash suitable for your skin type. Face wash helps remove excess oil and dead skin cells, making your skin feel fresh. 
  • Moisturize: Never skip moisturizing, no matter the season! Moisturizing helps keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. 
  • Primer is a must: Priming is an essential step in your makeup routine. It prepares your skin and provides a smooth canvas for makeup to glide on easily.  
  • Never skip sunscreen: Sunscreen is a must for every season and every day. It helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays and keeps it healthy and glowing. 

Step 2: Apply concealer for a spotless skin

Concealer is a must-have product if you do not have spotless skin. You can conceal dark circles, spots, and acne marks by dabbing concealer, preferably cream, using a soft sponge. 

Step 3: It's time for eye makeup!

One must be careful while doing eye makeup. It must look simple and natural. Apply a thin streak of eyeliner followed by mascara to give volume to your lashes, making them look darker and longer. 

Also, don’t forget to shape your eyebrows! Use a precision eyebrow pencil to fill any gaps between your brows. Make sure you sharpen the pencil first.

Step 4: Rosy cheeks are a must! 

Blush gives your cheeks a natural flush and makes your skin look fresh and healthy. You can use tones such as peach or rose to give a burst of color to your skin. These shades will enhance your office makeup on the go. 

Buy Silken Soft Lipstick

Step 5: I mean, who forgets to wear lipstick?

The last and most important step in your office makeup routine includes lipstick. Lipstick completes your makeup and drives all the attention to your face. You can use any lipstick shade according to your skin tone and preference. However, avoid wearing a shade that’s too bright. You can buy silken soft matte lipstick for an excellent finish that doesn’t look too glossy and provides a pretty and subtle look.          

In Conclusion:

Whether you are going to the office, a formal event, or to attend a client meeting, the trick is to keep your makeup minimalist. You shouldn't be applying too much or too little. We hope you’ve found the right balance with our step-by-step office makeup guide. Follow these tips to get flawless makeup that lasts throughout your corporate day.

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