Yolondo’s Story

My name is Yolondo Salmon-Thomas. I am the founder of Playing In Makeup by Yolondo. For me, makeup is a creative form of self-expression. And it’s really good fun to play with! I’ve been playing with makeup my whole life, acting as a makeup artist since 2011. After that, I became a certified, professional, makeup artist. After buying expensive eyeshadow palettes without the pigmentation I desired, I started researching eyeshadow manufacturers, also known as vendors. I had to purchase from about 70-100 different vendors, for about 8 months, before finding the perfect vendor. I would also buy eyeshadow palettes from big brands just to compare the pigmentation and the blend. I really dislike ashy eyeshadow. Well, I think I got lucky. I ordered from one vendor, whom I will call Mary Jane. After swatching the shades from this particular vendor, on my arm, I compared swatches from other top makeup brands. I had spent hundreds of dollars on these top brands. I could see that the swatches from Mary Jane were much more vibrant. I decided to do an eyeshadow look with her samples. These shades were blending effortlessly. I can remember the expression on my face! I was so happy. I knew I had found THE perfect vendor. After such a great experience, I decided to contact the vendor and hire them to start manufacturing what is now my first brand palette, The Jamrock Universal. I had done it. I made my very own brand of eyeshadow palettes. I thought to myself, how was I going to promote them? I started live-streaming on Facebook. At the beginning, I would hide the palette from the viewers because it was a sample and I would only do swatches, telling everyone that it’s the most pigmented eyeshadow palette on the market, which really is so true. They are so pigmented, blending like butter. My clients loved them, giving me positive reviews on my website. I remember uploading only the color swatches, of that first eyeshadow palette, to my website without actually having a palette in my hands yet. I wanted customers to be able to pre-order it. People will support you if they believe in you. I can remember a viewer, on the livestream, asking to see my palette. I could only be honest by replying that I didn’t have the palette yet but I had the shades. I was brave and determined. About a month later I received the bulk palette order from my vendor. I started shipping out my pre-orders, to a lot of pleased customers. It made me so grateful, and so full of joy. Then this Jamaican palette started making its way across the internet. That is how I got started. In my first year, I created a total of six eyeshadow palettes. October 2023 marked my 6th year creating my brand. My palettes are for everyone, created for all skin tones. I will not stop until the world knows about how incredible my eyeshadow palettes are."