Biggest Makeup Trends That will Dominate 2023

Biggest Makeup Trends That will Dominate 2023

Nothing beats an on-point or event-appropriate makeup look, right? However, the path to achieving the 'in vogue' level feels like a long way away. Do you know why? Because sometimes too much information can be misleading. With celebrities and social media influencers creating and recreating looks, we can bet some makeup trends will stay for 2023.

Whether it is about the bold lips or looking fashion-savvier with dramatic eyes, below, our makeup expert predicts the biggest makeup trends for this year.

Biggest makeup trends to watch for:

  • Be the bold type with statement lips

This year it is time to unleash your bolder lips; in fact, the trend is so strong that bold lips may be ready to work alone. This trend has dominated runway and everyday looks and has been accepted as the model-off-duty or off-the-runway type look that can work from AM to PM!

You can achieve this look by focusing on the lips and keeping the rest of the face clean with lightly groomed brows or lashes. To highlight your pout, you can use lip liners that are slightly darker than the lipstick shade. This technique does the magic to make lips appear fuller. Look for our Silken Soft Matte Lipstick and Butter Lip Liners.

  • Dazzle them with chromes and glitter!

Shimmery makeup can bring on both a whimsical or 'sci-fi' look, depending on how you apply it! Futuristic chromes saw a major comeback last year, mainly in ramp walks. We are still determining where the inspiration came from, but it sure has heated the entire makeup industry, with MUAs and makeup enthusiasts trying the shimmery look on their clients. Buy a glitter or a chrome eyeshadow palette from our collection to get a bedazzling eye look.

  • Bring on more pink with extra blush.

More blush equals more fun, and fingers crossed, we want this trend to stay in 2023! With its blendable formula, more and more makeup enthusiasts are picking up this item and including it in their makeup routine. The idea is to add rosiness to the cheeks, nose, and chin, even on the lips and eyes if desired. There was a time when only bronzer and highlighter dominated the makeup scene with the surge of no-makeup looks, but we believe that in 2023 blush will be back bolder than ever. Look for our Sweet n Creamy Lips & Cheeks to add some color to your everyday look.

  • Get dramatic with longer and on-point wings!

With siren eyes getting replicated across Instagram, it is safe to conclude that liners would be the most used makeup product this year! With our 11 different colors, you can aim to achieve more drama. With our budge and smudge-free formula, we make it easy for you to have more fun applying it. Prominent makeup artists are reported to promote dark femininity as a major 2023 trend. Look for our Di Define Eyeliners in 11 different easy-to-apply colors.

Wrapping Up!

We believe these important trends will be seen more this year! If you want to stay ahead of the game and stand out as someone called 'in vogue,' keep the trends in mind. You can buy the products mentioned in the post from our collection to add more fun to your Friday nights!

Happy Shopping!

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